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YOU can multiply God’s influence in various spheres of society.

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Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball

We had a 4-story training facility with housing and classrooms.  One day, a water leak revealed faults with the building’s structural integrity.  It had to come down.

Once the demolition was complete, we had a paved courtyard.  We started using it for welcome dinners, graduation celebrations, and other YWAM Baguio events.  Thinking outside the box, our sports coordinator saw another use for the courtyard… with special emphasis on the word “court”.

Kiko laid down some tape to create a border and installed posts to hang a net.  Now, we have…


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Preparing for DTS

Preparing for DTS

Since YWAM Baguio is located in the tropics, it’s important to regularly clean and polish eating utensils, dishware, and cookware. This is for the health and safety of all who visit and volunteer alongside us – no matter how long they stay.

We want to ensure everything is disinfected and ready for use prior to the start of our next Discipleship Training School. Wow! Is it July already?!?!!

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Top Priorities

Start with Youth With A Mission’s prerequisite course, Discipleship Training School (DTS), or a Summer of Service (S.O.S.) outreach.  Then, plug into ministry or participate in our second-level courses like Word by Heart (WbH) or Bible School for the Nations (BSN).  Join our team as we pioneer Bible courses and ministries across the globe!

Discipleship Training School

The DTS provides the building blocks (or DNA) for short- and long-term ministry.

Ministry Opportunities in Baguio City

Church Plants, Sponsored Student Ministry, Family Development, Sports Ministry, and more…

Word by Heart (Gospels)

Go beneath the surface of Luke’s stories (from his gospel) and learn to share them as if you personally witnessed the events he wrote about.

Bible School for the Nations

Discover biblical truth to develop a biblical worldview in this second-level course’s chronological overview of all sixty-six books of the Bible.

Workshops & Seminars

Get exclusive updates to know when and where we’re hosting Bible Education and Leadership Training seminars or Word by Heart workshops.

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$65,000+ Raised

New training and housing facilities campaign

Not long ago, a water leak revealed major structural damage on the first floor of our 4-story training and housing facility.  Deemed “unusable”, we dismantled it and are currently raising funds to replace it with a structure that will provide more classrooms and housing for visiting teams, school participants, and long-term staff.

Would you contribute today to provide housing and training areas for current and future volunteers of YWAM Baguio?

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Upcoming Events



DTS Begins

Students will learn the basic tenets of being a Christian: the character and nature of God; hearing God’s voice; evangelism; Bible study; and more… More Details



WbH Begins

Participants will learn how to share stories from the Gospel of Luke – all by heart…  More Details


Jun 3

BSN Begins

We’re still setting concrete dates, but we are definitely running this course.  Participants learn the sovereign message God has woven throughout all sixty-six books of the Bible in this Bible overview course…   More Details

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The way you discover your gifts is really by serving, not by searching.

- Loren Cunningham

Co-Founder, Youth With A Mission

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